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Wli, Hohoe, Volta Region-Ghana, (West Africa)

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Wli Agumatsa Water falls


The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls is Ghana’s most iconic Waterfall attraction and the highest in the West Africa sub-region. It is a popular and an extremely dramatic Waterfall that pours from a height of approximately Eighty (80) Meters. The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls has an upper and lower falls with very inviting pools at the base of both falls where the hearty and swimming freaks take their chilly and refreshingly soothing dip.

The Lower falls

Difficulty: Easy (Time: 30 - 45 min)

Wli lower falls is an easy and comfortable tour. From the tourist reception office, you will just walk straight to the lower falls through the jungle around the small river that comes from the waterfall, ten bridges will be crossed over. The way is easy to handle and no special experience is needed.

The Upper falls

Difficulty: Medium (Time: 3-4 hours)

The hiking tour to the upper fall starts before you reach the last bridge on the broad way to the lower fall, a small path on the right side.
following upward the waterfall valley. After some thirty minutes the hiking becomes climbing and trustful shoes are very helpful. Roots and stones are helping hands while the hike rises up the mountains. Before leaving the valley to the surrounding mountains, the path continues on the same height. The beautiful landscape and the valley become visible from time to time.
Experience tour guide is assigned for this type of tour and experience in hiking is very much needed.

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Highest Water falls in West Africa

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The Wli waterfalls is the highest water fall in West Africa. The falls is known locally as Agumatsa waterfalls – meaning, “Allow Me to Flow. A very natural and nice waterfall. Easy walk to a beautiful spot. Guides are knowledgeable. Possible to camp here

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English, Ewe

Tour Amenities

  1. Regular disinfection of the tourism site through fumigation.
  2. Regular disinfection of surfaces and public areas example, floors, tables, chairs, countertops, toilets with bleach or alcohol based sanitizers (70%) effective against bacteria.
  3. Provision of hand-washing stations with soap, running water and tissues.
  4. Mandatory checking of temperature of both guests and staff.
  5. Display of “No Mask, No Entry” signage.
  6. Wearing of face masks.
  7. Observance of physical/social distancing.
  8. Isolated Special Room to house tourists with symptoms associated with COVID-19 (respiratory, cough, fever, fatigue etc.) while medical services are called for.
  9. Availability of Electronic or Digital Payment devices (Momo, POS etc.)
  10. Storage of contact information of all guests.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Tourists who decide to go to the upper fall without a Site Guide of the facility shall sign an undertaking to that effect.
  2. Tourists are not allowed to go to the upper fall beyond 3pm and to the lower fall beyond 5pm.
  3. All tourists or their group leader(s) must obtain cash receipt from the office before going to the falls.
  4. Entry fees paid are non-refundable except on the grounds of force majeure (Any unforeseeable circumstance that prevents any of the parties from fulfilling a contract).
  5. Students must show their ID Cards.
  6. All foreign visitors must indicate their passport numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clarify your confusions. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions which most of our client asks.

It takes mostly 45 minutes of leisurely walk to the lower falls and almost two and half hours to reach the Upper Falls.

No, except for reptiles such as snakes and alligators which are easily taken care of by our trained Site Guides whenever they are encountered on the way to or from the falls. There has not been any threat or danger to any visitor so far. This is because as all precautionary measures needed to ensure the safety and security of our visitors, are always adequately taken care of.

Cars do not, but motorcycles are able to carry guests to the lower falls.

It’s very safe to bath and to drink. The community also has a potable drinking water source as well as shops which sell both sachet and bottled water including other items such as artifacts, traditional wears, snacks and the likes.

Yes, the Wli Agumatsa Waterfall is always a sight to behold regardless of the time of the year.

No, there is no such obligation. Anything given to any Site Guide can only be an appreciation on the part of the guest.

Yes, the facility has a reception which also serves as a visitor information center.

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